Hi..this is for those few people who took the pain of reading my blog…and by chance they come back one more time to read; will be surprised as I changed the name of my blog. So I owe an explanation .

One regular morning I find myself stuck in a suffocating still frame in my living room. siting on my sofa, surfing channels in the television…looking at the fuzzy reflection of the television on a glass left on the table with the residue of my morning tea, with a background sound of water licking from my kitchen tap…which is so monotonous that easily can be part of that still frame.

For a change I decided to step out on the road, to watch some movement, some people passing by.Sometime I forget I live in a strange city, where people does not walk or stand on the road. this may be out of my understanding as I spent most of my life time in minimum 300 yr old cities, where most of the people live life without any purpose. But in this extremely modern’ city in making’ nobody waste their time by walking or standing. My eyeballs got tired in trying to follow the people in car or atleast in cycle.

So leaving the mankind aside I decided to concentrate on animals. I was lucky, I manged to saw four animals crossing the road. Though may be those movements are also with a purpose but atleast they were on their feet, so my eyeballs manage to keep up with their pace.

First comes a dog… a reguler stray dog from the street, possibly does not have any name…no fixed place to eat…. confused , restless soul. Out of focus…so weak in decision making. Not even very sure which direction it wants to go. No surprise so many of them dies in accident. It makes me remember of myself when I am scared of living life..feel lost.
Then comes a cat. It started of pretty elegantly. But we all know there is always something fishy about them . Even while crossing the road they try to do it so silently , it seems like they are hiding something. There is two kind of hiding…one sometimes you hide because of some purposes and second when you hide things just because it is in your nature.Cats belongs to this second category. It left a bad taste in my mouth.
And now comes a cow with all its kingly gestures. My fellow countrymen I am sure you all will agree ; in our country cow is the King of animals. You kill a cow, people will kill you, while you have to appeal to people for not killing tigers. So point proved… the cow moves with her full attitude, crossed half of the road calmly quietly, and then suddenly changed her mind like whimsical queens, sat exactly on the middle of the road with a amazing ‘who cares’ attitude. I must admit I liked her..but it was something out of my reach.Next comes a donkey, indifferent, detached.As crossing the road is part of its job. Nothing can touch this indifference not even death. The moment I saw it I understood that is the way I want to live life.

So this name of my blog represent the ultimate dream of my life.I want to cross the time between birth and death with this indifference and detachment just like that donkey..:)